About the company

BTA is a company which activity is to represent, sell and to distribute of packaging machines and packaging materials of the very well known Italian producers in the food and non food industry. The company BTA marketing d.o.o. is a family company, who has three employees and begin its activity in the year 2005. The main location of the company is in Dutovlje, while the location of comercial is in Sežana.

The company sells lines for packaging of bulk goods in paper bags and sacks, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) of various types and sizes. With such packaging lines we can package food products such as flour, sugar, salt, etc and non-food products such as fertilizers, cement, glue in powder, and mortar wall. The company also represents manufacturers of filling lines for filling liquids in glass, tins and in PET bottles. Filling lines for filling liquids in glass are used in the production of fruit juices, beer, oil, wine, etc. Filling lines for liquid in tins and PET bottles are used in the production of soft drinks, mineral water, milk and milk products, liquid detergents, cosmetics, paints, coatings, etc. The production of PET pakaging is tipically by injection of hot air in special plastic tubes. We are also specialized in the sale of packaging lines for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables and bakery products. In addition to technology for packaging product, the company also sells an automatic and semiautomatic paletizing machines for paletizing the packaging products on the pallets. For wrapping pallets we offer two technologies. One of these tecnology is standard wrapping technology with a simple stretch film and the other one is a newer technology for cover pallet, called "stretch hood." This technology uses a special "stretch hood" film, which is in the form of a sleeve, so that practically cover the pallet and it becomes waterproof.

In addition to representation and sale of the packing and filling lines, the company BTA is engaged with the representation and sale of cardboard packagings and cardboard promotional displays. We sell packagings from wavy cardboard used for transport packages for various types of goods to protect against external damages. In addition to these packages we sell also packagings from non-wavy cardboard that with advanced external printing contributes to the successful sale of finished products. We sell plastic film for protection the paletizing pallets. These are special technologies called »stretch hood« and »shring hood« which cover pallet in the form of a sleeve. In this case is used a special machinery.

Packaging technology of the products and a reasonable and attractive packaging are very important things for success of selling the products. Therefore, the company BTA invited in the circle of its partners known Italian manufacturers of packaging lines, filling lines and packaging materials. With their most advanced technologies they are on the top of European manufactures. The company BTA marketing is successfully invoked with its activity in the Slovenian market and has its own agency in Croatia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.