The company BTA d.o.o. represent some known italian producers of the carton packaging. The products are made from wavy carton or non-wavy carton. The company also represent the italian producers of cardboard displays and producers of special film for avtomatic cover palet. Partners whose the company BTA marketing represents are:

  • The company is specialized in producing of transport packaging of the wave cardboard for the different kind of industries as wel as wine and milk industry, furniture and many other industries which use the cardboard for the transport packaging.

  • The company is specialized in producing the packging material of the non-wavy sale cardboard as well as the print boxes, with special working effects to make the attractive packaging. It supplies to leader companies in food, nonfood and Cosmetic market with a wide range of packaging products.

  • is a well known producer of displays and promotional counters of cardboard for the marketing positioning in the commercial centers.

  • is the manufacturer of the packaging films called »STRETCH HOOD« and »SHRINK HOOD«.

  • The company is specialized in producing of paper bags for packaging powder product like flour, sugar and other powder and granular materials.