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The company BTA d.o.o. is a familiar company, established in 2005. Our activity is the representation, production and distribution of the packaging equipment and packaging material for food and non food industry.

Packaging equipment

In the company BTA d.o.o. we represent well-known Italian manufactures for packaging equipment as well as complete packing lines. We are recognized by the offer of good and proper solutions in designing and offering the right technology. Our main target is a satisfied customer, so we propose good technical solutions and fast and quality service. We believe that team work provides the best solutions, supports the development and sale of new products. Packing machines are manufactured in accordance with European standards. The wide reference list of customers in the food and non-food industry shows great trust in our packaging equipment, which we have successfully implemented over all these years.

Packaging machines for baging the powder material
Flow pack packaging equipment and pick and place of product in cardboards
Vertical packaging equipment for pasta and other food products
Cartoning equipment
Paletizing systems
Machinery for production of dry pasta


In the company BTA d.o.o. we represent also known italian producers of packaging material. We advise customers in the design and production of suitable packaging for their products. We can be proud of the extensive number of customers they trust us and work together for all these years.

Packaging from wavy cardboard
Packaging from non-wavy cardboard
Promotional cardboard displays
Flexibile packaging for food and non-food industry
Paper bags
Plastic caps
Plastic preforms


In the long experience of projecting and selling the packaging equipment it arises an opportunity to open the production plant for producing the motorized roller conveyours for transport pallet. The products are used in various paletizing plants, logistic lines or in general, where the customer needs to transport the pallets of high weights.

The motorized roller conveyours produced in the company BTA d.o.o. are suitable for heavy loads. They are used for transport of the pallets with bags, boxes, bottles, etc.

Our motorized roller conveyours can be used for various paletization and logistic lines in food and non food industry.

We produce four different motorized roller conveyours.

Available lenghts are 1520 mm, 2030 mm, 2530 mm and 3050 mm, while the width can be from 900 mm to 1300 mm.On request, we can adjust and offer also other widths.

We believe that our high-quality products have great potential on the market.

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