Why choose us?

• Because we offer top and contemporary product packaging technology

• Because we advise our customers to choose the right packaging equipment

• We advise customers on the selection, design and functionality of packaging

• As a smaller company, we are distinguished by high flexibility, responsiveness and customer support

• Our well-established team takes care of accurate packaging deliveries and customer satisfaction on a daily basis

• Our motto is to "breathe with the customer"


Company address

Partizanska cesta 107a
6210 Sežana
Slovenija / Eu

Tel.: +386 / (0)5 73 00 620
Fax: +386 / (0)5 73 00 621


Andrej Tavčar

Consulting and sales of packaging equipment
Boris Tavčar

Sales manager for packaging materials
Erika Tavčar

Sales packaging materials
Martina Živec

Representative for BTA Serbia
Miljan Jokić

Representative for BTA Makedonija
Ljupco Simeonovski

Representative for BTA Črna Gora
Slavko Brajović