Horizontal flowpack packaging machines


Tecno Pack S.p.a


The company Tecno pack S.p.a. is situated in Italy, in the city Schio. They have more than 30 years of tradition. They are very well known producer of horizontal packaging machines »flow pack«. They are present mostly in food industry, where they have an asortment of packaging equipment for layercake, swissroll, chocolate, crackers, cookies, pizza, burek, etc.

With a lot of years of experience and references world wide, they are one of leader company, producing that kind of equipment in the world.

In their assortment you can find:

- Horizontal packaging machines »Flow pack«
- Formingbox machines for cardboard boxes
- Robots for pick and place of the products into the carboard boxes »top loading«
- Automatic cartoning machines for packing the products into the cardboard boxes »side loading«
- Automatic feeding systems for automatic distributing the products from proces line to packaging lines.

More about the company you can find: TECNOPACK