Corrugated carton


Ondulkart S.p.a.


ONDULKART The company ONDULKART S.p.a. is a producer of packaging of the non-wavy carton. It is situated in the city Cessalto in the region Veneto in the nord Italy. It is one of the biggest companies of this kind of packaging in the nord Italy. It has its long tradition of more than 40 years of working in the 30.000 m2 of working area. It is specialized chiefly for the production of the non-wavy packaging for wine industry, milk, furniture and other various type of transporting packagings. The biggest dimension of the final product is 4600 x 2600 mm (without any special glueing). The company is equiped with modern production technology of the offset printing. Seriousness of the company Ondulkart about the organization of the sale, punctuality of the deliveries and the whole servis to the costumers leads to good working and confidence of our costumers. Lucrativness of the production is based on the certificate DNV in accordance to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001/2000: »vision 2000«, the the company has. Ondulkart is directed to the future with new technologies of the producing cardboard in the market, because it is too dinamic, changeable and globalized also in this working sector and with new requests of the clients it is always contemporary. The aim of the company is to search the new solutions in the packagings that included optimal costs in the quality. Ondulkart is also successfully working ond the slovenian market for a few years and because of the satisfaction of our clients and for the closeness with Slovenija too. One of the very important advantage of Ondulkart is to have big surfaces in our magazzines to prepare one production of a big quantities of goods and to keep it in their magazzines until the costumer recall the delivery. That means smaller costs for the production, smaller price of cardbord for the client and the short term of delivery. All this factors are showing to the success of the distribution of Ondulkart Italia in Slovenija over the company BTA d.o.o. who is searching and servising the slovenian costumers in the name of Ondulkart.

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