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In the long experience of projecting and selling the packaging equipment it arises an opportunity for company BTA d.o.o. to open the production of motorized roller conveyours for transport pallets. The products are used in various paletizing plants, logistic lines or in general, where the customer needs to transport the pallets of high weights.

In the production asortment, the company can offer the following products:

- Motorized roller conveyours with 4 diferent lenghts
- Motorized roller conveyours for transport of empty pallets
- Rotaiting tables
- Centering devices

We believe that our high – quality products have great potential on the market.

The customers can use our motorized roller conveyours in various paletization lines and logistic lines. In our production the customer can find four different type of motorized roller conveyours, which the diference is the lenght:

- 1520mm
- 2030mm
- 2530mm
- 3050mm

Available lenghts are 1520 mm, 2030 mm, 2530 mm and 3050 mm, while the width can be from 900 mm to 1300 mm. On request, we can adjust and o_er also other widths


- Construction material: steel/stainless steel
- Paint: powder painted
- Step of the rollers: 127mm


- Zinc rollers
- Diameter: 89mm
- Diameter of the axes: 20mm
- Double pinion
- Nr of teeth: Z12
- Produced: Italy


- Type: Ring transmittion
- Type chain: standard 10B-1
- Nr. teeth pignon rollers: Z12 (5/8”x 3/8”)
- Nr. teeth pignon motor: Z15 (5/8”x 3/8”)


Ver 1:
- Position: inside
- Motor: »BONFIGLIOLI« (BA80 A4 0,55Kw)
- Reducer: »BONFIGLIOLI« RID.C222_P R. 1:43,3 P.80 B3

Ver 2:
- Position: outside
- Motor: »MGM« AUTOF. 0.55Kw B14 4P
- Reducer: »BONFIGLIOLI« (W 63 U45 P80 B14 B3)

Ver 3:
- Position: inside
- Motoreducer: »SEW« RF37DRS71M4 R. 36,72 0,55 Kw

We believe that our high – quality products have great potential on the market.