Packaging of frozen products




Company Grandi s.r.l. is located in the city of Bolonia in Italy. It has almost 50 years of tradition and experience in the production of special machines for packaging of products in plastic bags or in carton boxes. The company is primarily oriented in the food industry, for packaging of frozen and half-baked products like bread, croissants and similar products.

Packaging equipment can package the products by weighing and/or by counting.

In their assortment you can find:

- Machines for forming the carton boxes
- Machines forming the plastick bags and put the bags into the carton boxes
- Machines for automatic packaging of the half-baked and frozzen products into the carton boxes
- Sistems for semiautomatic packaging the products into the carton boxes
- Machines for automatic cloasure of the carton boxes

More about the company you can find: GRANDI