Performated paper bags


Poligrafica Veneta s.r.l.


Company Poligrafica Veneta s.r.l. is a manufacturer of paper bags for packaging flour, sugar, bread, etc. It is located in San Pietro in Gu in the vicinity of Padova and it exists from 1969. It produces bags for minimum packing quantity of 500 gr up to 10 kg. Most of the pack is in bags of 1 kg. Because of the growing demand for recycled materials and market demand Poligrafica Veneta has also the production line of paper bags for shopping and with its innovative system produces bags of special shapes. According to all the high quality packaging and print Poligrafica Veneta uses an innovative print in various techniques such as flexografia print, offset print and rotogravure print with implementation of specific processes such as print with UV coating. A large number of packaging production lines allows flexibility in the programming and the ability to have fast deliveries. All technologies are equipped with electronic systems that continuously monitor print quality. The company has creativity and the ability to provide its customers with flexible solutions in packaging and combines perfectly tradition and innovation for new challenges in the market. The factory produces about 350 million bags per year specifically for export to the European market. The company has a quality system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9002 since 2001. Because the most packaging of Poligrafica Veneta is for the food industry and in direct contact with food it has also HACCP system in the process of its production facilities. The company has also certified ISO 22000 on food safety and hygiene in contact with the packaging.

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